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1、The fundamental defect of fathers, is that they want their children to honor。父亲们最根本的缺点,在于想要自己的孩子为自己争光。

2、It is said that man is a rational animal。 I have sought the idea of the evidence in my life。据说人是一种理性动物。穷我自己一生,我都在寻找这观点的证据。

3、Memory refers to the events of the past。“记忆”是指对以往发生的事件的追记。

4、Plants through cultivation and growth, human beings by education and adults。植物藉栽培而生育,人类藉教育而成人。

5、The youth period is the period of open-minded, should use this time to develop their own open-minded character。青年时期是豁达的时期,应该利用这个时期养成自己豁达的性格。

6、The problem of this world is that a wise man is full of doubt, and fools believe in。这个世界的问题在于聪明人充满疑惑,而傻子们坚信不疑。

7、A happy life is a kind of life, inspired by love and guided by knowledge。幸福的生活是一种由爱鼓舞,由知识指导的生活。

8、Great cause is rooted in the tenacity of the work, to the full spirit to engage in, not to avoid the hard。伟大的事业是根源于坚韧不断的工作,以全副的精神去从事,不避艰苦。

9、Body is part of others who can observe us, and our heart is the part of us that is private。身是他人能够观察我们的部分,而心则是我们私人性的部分。

10、Patriotism is to kill or be killed for something very boring。爱国就是为一些很无聊的理由去杀人或被杀。

11、Good life is guided by action and wisdom。良好的人生是受行动和智慧指导的。

12、Many people would rather die than think, in fact, they do not think about death。许多人宁愿死,也不愿思考,事实上他们也确实至死都没有思考过。

13、Incomplete object, is an indispensable part of happiness。需求对象的残缺不全,正是幸福的必不可少的条件之一。

14、Life and ignorance, but not stupid, is education makes people stupid。人生而无知,但是并不愚蠢,是教育使人愚蠢。

15、Drunk is temporary suicide。喝醉是暂时性的**。

16、In all moral qualities, good nature is the most needed。在世界上一切道德品质之中,善良的本性是最需要的。

17、To give up what you want is an indispensable part of a happy life。放弃自己想要的某些东西是幸福生活不可或缺的一部分。

18、Kant said that he is not worried about being proved wrong, but worried about being misunderstood。康德说过,他不担心被证明有错误,却担心被误解。

19、The necessary condition of life is to be wise, and wisdom can be obtained by education。使人生愉快的必要条件是智慧,而智慧可经由教育而获得。

20、It's not your fault, it's your fault。幻觉不是你的错,在幻觉中做决定,这就是你的不对了。

21、To understand a noun, you must be familiar with the term 。要理解一个名词,就必须熟悉那个名词指代的东西。

22、We often ask, if we know this or that, but we never asked what is the know。我们常问,是否知道这个或知道那个,但我们没有问过“知道”本身是什么。

23、From the time of school every day, the Chinese children have the most thought。从每天上学的时间看,中国儿童最有思想。

24、Science gives us for good or evil forces have improved。科学使我们为善或为恶的力量都有所提升。

25、The secret of happiness is to try to expand your interests, and to be as friendly as you can。幸福的秘诀是:尽量扩大你的兴趣范围,对感兴趣的人和物尽可能友善。

26、Ethics originates from the art of persuading others to make sacrifices in order to cooperate with themselves。伦理学起源于劝说他人为了与自己合作而作出牺牲的艺术。

27、Lack is essential to happiness。缺乏,是幸福必不可少的一个条件。

28、Many people would rather die than think, in fact, they really died without thinking。许多人宁愿死,也不愿思考,事实上他们也确实至死都没有思考。

29、In all moral qualities, the nature of goodness is the most needed in the world。在一切道德品质之中,善良的本性在世界上是最需要的。

30、War does not determine who is right, but who decides who left。**不决定谁对了,只决定谁留下了。

31、Don't be afraid to think, because thinking you are sure to succeed。不要害怕思考,因为思考总能让人有所补益。

32、A beggar does not envy a millionaire, but he is sure that he will be jealous of a higher income。乞丐并不会妒忌百万富翁,但是他肯定会妒忌收入更高的乞丐。

33、The most difficult in life is the bridge, the burning of the bridge。人生中最难学的便是过那座桥,烧那座桥。

34、In a broad sense, the most eager to power is the most likely to gain power。广义地说,最渴望权力之人就是最可能获得权力之人。

35、Einstein's theory of relativity makes people feel less about how to learn。爱因斯坦的‘相对论’使人觉得懂得之事变少了。

36、This world is full of amazing things, and patience is waiting for us to be smart to find out。这世界充满了神奇的事物,耐心等待着我们变聪明好来发现。

37、One of the first signs of a mental breakdown is the belief that they are very important。精神崩溃的一个最初征兆就是坚信自己的工作非常非常重要。

38、Freedom of expression only exists when the government thinks it is safe。言论自由只有在**认为它自身安全的时候才存在。

39、Now is a point of the past time 。“现在”是刚过去的时间上的一个“点”。

40、To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom。征服恐惧就是智慧的开始。

41、My life is just to make the business a joy and make it a cause。我的人生正是:使事业成为喜悦,使喜悦成为事业。

42、A person with great vitality and wide interests, can overcome all misfortune。一个有勃勃生机与广泛兴趣的人,可以战胜一切不幸。

43、Don't be afraid to have a strange idea, because all the people now accept the idea that it was a strange idea。不要害怕怀有怪念头,因为现在人们接受的所有的观念都曾经是怪念头。

44、I will never die for my beliefs, for I may be wrong。我绝不会为我的信仰而献身,因为我可能是错的。

45、Any kind of philosophy as long as it can make out a good case, it has some real knowledge。任何一种哲学思想只要是它能够自圆其说,它就具有某种真正的知识。

46、The desire to make people even heaven will also be on tenterhooks。欲望使人即使到了天堂也会坐立不安。

47、We are unable to make free and noble living is the main reason for the fascination with wealth。使我们无法自由和高尚地活着的最主要原因是对财富的迷恋。

48、The trouble is this: a fool too confident and wise is full of doubts。世上的麻烦是这样的:愚者过于自信而智者满腹怀疑。

49、Do not blindly worship any authority, because you can always find the contrary。不用盲目地崇拜任何权威,因为你总能找到相反的权威。

50、For the irregular phenomena of life, but the origin of happiness。须知人生的参差百态,乃是幸福的本源。

51、Great cause is rooted in the tenacity of continuous work, in order to go to the full spirit to engage in, do not avoid difficult。伟大的事业是根源于坚韧不断的工作,以全副精神去从事,不避艰苦。

52、To understand an age or a nation, we must understand its philosophy。要了解一个时代或一个民族,我们必须了解它的哲学。

53、The world is full of amazing things, and they are waiting patiently for us to become more intelligent。世界充满了神奇的东西,它们在耐心地等待我们变得更有智慧。

54、Democracy is the process of choosing the subject of criticism。民主,就是挑选那个受批评的人的过程。

55、Knowledge is one of the main factors that make human happiness。知识是使人类快乐的主要因素之一。

56、It is the latest achievement of human civilization to be able to enrich their leisure time wisely。能聪明地充实闲暇时间是人类文明的最新成果。

57、Why is it more effective to use lies to incite hatred than to incite love?为什么用谎言煽动仇恨比煽动友爱要有效的多呢?

58、The good life is for the love of the incentive, for the knowledge guided by life。美好的人生是为爱所激励,为知识所引导的人生。

59、Only to be interested in the outside world can keep people's mental health。惟有对外界事物抱有兴趣才能保持人们精神上的健康。

60、China is an exception to every rule。中国是一切规则的例外。

61、To realize that time is not important but the door to wisdom。意识到时间并不重要乃是智慧之门。

62、Life and ignorance, but not stupid。 Education just to be stupid。人生而无知,但还不愚蠢。教育才把他们变蠢。

63、When the mind is back at the beginning, it has a new consciousness in the process。当心灵回到起点时,它已经在过程中有了新的觉悟。

64、The contempt for happiness is usually the contempt for the happiness of others, the hatred of mankind under the elaborate disguise。对幸福的轻蔑通常是对其他人幸福的轻蔑,在精巧的伪装之下是对人类的仇恨。

65、It's not a waste of time that you can have fun in wasting time。你能在浪费时间中获得乐趣,就不是浪费时间。

66、Don't be absolutely sure。凡事不要抱绝对肯定的态度。










Within you I lose myself,without you I find myself wanting to be lost again。有了你,我迷失了自我。失去你,我多么希望自己再度迷失。