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1、山涧的泉水经过一路曲折,才唱出一支美妙的歌。Mountain stream of spring water through all the twists and turns, just sing a wonderful song。

2、人生没有彩排,每一天都是现场直播。A life without a dress rehearsal, every day is broadcast live。

3、年轻人看到人生路上满是灿烂的鲜花,老年人看到人生途中的是凄美的斜阳。Young people see life on the road is full of bright flowers, old people see the setting sun on the way of life is beautiful。

4、相信就是强大,怀疑只会抑制能力,而信仰就是力量。Is strong, and doubt that will only stifle ability, and belief is power。

5、海浪为劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐流的轻舟送葬。The waves to split the wind chopped waves ship farewell dinner, to go with the flow in the canoe of honor。

6、海到无边天作岸,山登绝顶我为峰。Make shore sea to endless days, is very I for peak mountain。

7、当一个人先从自己的内心开始奋斗,他就是个有价值的人。When a person from his first heart begins to struggle, he is a man of value。

8、种子牢记着雨滴献身的叮嘱,增强了冒尖的勇气。Seeds to keep in mind the raindrops dedicated told, enhanced MaoJian courage。

9、第一个青春是上帝给的;第二个的青春是靠自己努力的。The first youth is given by god; The second youth is of yourself。

10、如果不想做点事情,就甭想到达这个世界上的任何地方。If you don't want to do something, you don't think of any place in this world。

11、昨晚多几分钟的准备,今天少几小时的麻烦。Last night a few extra minutes of preparation, fewer hours of trouble today。

12、只要精神不滑坡,办法总比困难多。As long as the spirit not landslide, way better than more difficult。

13、成功的秘诀在于永不改变既定的目标。The secret of success is that it will never change the established goals。

14、懂得低头,才能出头。Know the bow, to do the talking。

15、努力不一定成功,但放弃一定失败只有学会如何停下来的人,才懂加速。Efforts may not succeed, but to give up certain failure only learn how to stop, to understand the acceleration。

16、成功需要成本,时间也是一种成本,对时间的珍惜就是对成本的节约。Success need to cost, time is also a kind of cost, to cherish time is to cost savings。

17、除了放弃尝试以外没有失败!In addition to give up trying no failure!

18、任何的限制,都是从自己的内心开始的。Any restrictions, all begins with his own heart。

19、最有效的资本是我们的信誉,它小时不停为我们工作。The most effective capital is our credit, it is hours work for us。

20、忍耐和坚持是痛苦的,但它会逐给你好处。Patience and persistence are painful, but it will give you benefits。

21、世界上那些最容易的事情中,拖延时间最不费力。The most easy thing in the world, the delay time is the least effort。

22、拥有梦想只是一种智力,实现梦想才是一种能力。Dream is a kind of intelligence, realize the dream is a kind of ability。

23、善待自己,不被别人左右,也不去左右别人,自信优雅。Treat yourself, don't be about others, also don't go around others, confident and elegant。

24、自弃者扶不起,自强者击不倒。Ziqi guided, men fail。

25、人生伟业的建立,不在能知,乃在能行。The establishment of the great achievement, but can not know, is in the can。

26、当一个小小的心念变成成为行为时,便能成了习惯;从而形成性格,而性格就决定你一生的成败。When a small mind becomes become behavior, can become a habit; To form a character, and character decided to your life's success or failure。

27、耕耘分秒,勤奋造就天才;积蒿力量,实力铸就辉煌。Minutes, diligence make genius; Artemisia strength, excellent quality。

28、没有比脚更远的路,没有比人更高的山!No further than a foot, no mountain higher than people!

29、成功最终属于耐心等待得人。Success belongs to wait patiently for a person in the end。

30、旁观者的姓名永远爬不到比赛的计分板上。The names of the bystanders won't always on the scorecard。

31、人生只有走出来的美丽,没有等出来的辉煌。Only come out the beauty of life, not out of the brilliant。

32、没有热忱,世间便无进步。No enthusiasm, the world has no progress。

33、只有千锤百炼,才能成为好钢。Only dental laboratories, can become good steel。

34、壮志与毅力是事业的双翼。Ambition and perseverance are the wings of my career。

35、千里之行,始于足下。细节决定成败美丑。A thousand-li journey is started, the first step。 Detail decides success or failure of beauty and ugliness。

36、人的一生可能燃烧也可能腐朽,我不能腐朽,我愿意燃烧起来!Person's life may be burning may also decayed, I can not decayed, I am willing to burning up!

37、没有什么事情有象热忱这般具有传染性,它能感动顽石,它是真诚的精髓。Nothing have like enthusiasm so contagious, it can move the stone, it is the essence of sincere。

38、欲望以提升热忱,毅力以磨平高山。Desire to enhance the enthusiasm, perseverance in order to smooth the mountain。

39、知难而上,奋发图强,是竞争的作用;知难而退消极颓唐,也是竞争的作用。Knowing the difficulties, work hard, it is the role of competition; The boat but negative, and the role of competition。

40、成功的人是跟别人学习经验,失败的人只跟自己学习经验。Successful people are learning experiences with other people, people with their own learning experience failure。

41、人生只有创造才能前进;只有适应才能生存。Life can only forward create; Only adapt to survive。

42、无论才能、知识多么卓着,如果缺乏热情,则无异纸上画饼充饥,无补于事。No matter how zhuo with talent, knowledge, if the lack of enthusiasm, has the same paper starts conceals。

43、对于攀登者来说,失掉往昔的足迹并不可惜,迷失了继续前时的方向却很危险。For the climber, lose the past footprint is not a pity, lost to the direction of the front is very dangerous。

44、面对困难,首先需要我们克服心理障碍,即战胜自己。In the face of difficulties, we need to overcome the psychological barriers, first is to conquer yourself。

45、人之所以能,是相信能。Can, is that the people can believe that。

46、真正的朋友不是在一起有聊不完的话,而是即使不说一句话也不觉得尴尬。A true friend is not together have talk not over, but even if not to say a word don't feel embarrassed。

47、人如果没有诚信,就算有聪明能力,永远只是个危险人物。Person without good faith, even if understanding ability, always just a dangerous man。

48、事不三思终有悔,人能百忍自无忧。Doesn't think before have regrets, one can endure the easy。

49、有计划就去做,不要总找借口。In a planned way to do, and don't always find an excuse。

50、如果你只是等待,发生的事情只会是你变老了。If you just wait, all that happens is you get old。

51、失去金钱的人损失甚少,失去健康的人损失极多,失去勇气的人损失一切。He who loses money loss, those who have lost their health loss, loses courage loses all。

52、自己打败自己是最可悲的失败,自己战胜自己是最可贵的胜利。Beat yourself is the most lamentable failure, his victory over his is the most precious of victory。

53、努力造就实力,态度决定高度。Efforts to create the strength, attitude determines altitude。

54、自卑是剪了双翼的飞鸟,难上青天'这两者都是成才的大忌。Inferiority was cut the wings of birds, difficult to move on 'both are the big fear of success。

55、耐心是一切聪明才智的基础。Patience is the basis of all intellect and wisdom。

56、如果惧怕前面跌宕的山岩,生命就永远只能是死水一潭。If the fear of ups and downs in front of the rock, life will never can be a backwater。

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value。不要为成功而努力,要为做一个有价值的人而努力。







A friend in need is a friend indeed。患难朋友才是真朋友。




























Behind every successful man there's a lot u unsuccessful years。每个成功者的后面都有很多不成功的岁月。