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1、ave you care about, is my life the lucky; you love, is the happiness of my life; you care, the greatest love in the world; mother's birthday, I wish mother lives happily, happy numerous, healthy, always lucky.

2、ead a wisp of breeze, for the mother to relaxed; a ray of sunshine, for my mother sent to fragrance; skims a handful of water, for mother elimination exhaustion; send a message, and offer the blessing for the mother. Happy birthday to mom and mom!


4、 love to read the story of mother, both mother selfless love for children or to children how to prepare taste hardships, here every episode has my own mother's shadow appears to be missed out on my own.





9、he glow of dawn is your bright eyes, bright and brilliant, evening clouds is the generosity you posture, steady heavy, in this beautiful day, children wish you: good health and a long life, happy happy, mother, happy birthday


11、other, holy and majestic, give us courage and faith; mother, kindness and goodness, teach us to be a man, feeding us to grow, in the mother's birthday to the occasion of the arrival of the mother: May the world's mother happy and well-being.

12、oday is your eighty birthday, I wish mother healthy life, happiness is long, spring is not the old year again. Healthy and long life, happy every day.


14、eople will be tired, money will not, fame and fortune will disappear in a blink of an eye. But we have to pay for the mother, never regret, we tired do not grumble. Mother's birthday, I wish your mother's health, happiness, also wish you live in harmony and happiness!




18、 wish mother life evergreen tree, the water of life long, happy life, health and longevity of xinjiang! A sense of happiness!


20、he sky is vast, the mother's love is broad; the sun is warm, the mother's true feelings are warm; the flowers are brilliant, not the mother's smile; the rainbow is bright, not the mother's happiness. I wish my mother happy!








28、ot a sweet cake, bean and red wine, rich gifts, birthday melodious song, do not regret, you have the world's most sincere wishes, happy birthday, my dear mom!

29、oung time has passed, the years experience as wasted, housekeeping years for life, grinding laboring years vicissitudes of life, today is your birthday, I wish mother healthy and happy, fortune a lot!

30、hen I grow with age, I really understand my mother, I really feel the great maternal love, because love is the most selfless, but also the world's most broad love, so I want to thank the mother.

31、he passage of time can make the skin day by day is full of wrinkles, in my mind you, is forever young mother, mother in the heart of a piece of blue sky!


33、other's love is diluted in the sea salt, although can not see, but every one of the waves have tasted the taste of love. Maternal love is precipitated in the calcium in our bones, although the touch, but the maternal love let us in the growth of more strong!

34、ou use a beautiful ring, into a Book of the fragrance of the fragrance of the calendar; every year, I will be in the calendar of the sky, with a deep feeling of Miss, bless your birthday. Happy birthday, mom!

35、irthday is the mother of the suffering, in celebration of the birthday, do not forget to say thank you to her mother, thank you for her to come to this colorful world, so you can create a piece of heaven and earth.

36、ne of the most beautiful things in life is a maternal love, I am very satisfied, because I always have the most beautiful maternal love, with my talent. Mom, today is your birthday, I wish you every day happy and healthy!

37、other the hands of line, wandering onto clothing, for children, parents can add a white hair; dead silkworm silk, wax torch ashes tears, love parents footsteps maybe very light very light is a step a footprints.

38、esterday I met an angel in the rain, I will lend her umbrella, today she asked me to glory or wealth, I said nothing, just now see SMS mom happy birthday, health forever!


40、hen I am wandering in the dark path of life! You are the star in the sky! When I am in the wild! You are the little tent. When my heart is cool! You are the warm chicken soup! Happy mother's birthday!


42、ay meet angel in the rain, I will lend her umbrella, today she asked me to glory or wealth, I said nothing, just now see the message from the one mother this Sunday my mother happy birthday! Always healthy!


44、eart to, think, see, smell, hear, people to, hand to, feet to, say, do, get, time to, your gift is not to, first my blessing spread.

45、ou feed my soul and body with love, your eyes are always my life. My mother, I do not know how to repay you, only deep blessing: I wish a happy birthday!

46、n this special birthday, I will give you three friends: a lifetime with you, one around you, another stay in your heart! Their names are healthy, safe and happy! Please accept my mother!

47、im white temples silk day, Liu Jin annual as eyes; Qianzai Xian with instant, a few people with the name of several annihilation. Your father's birthday, your daughter, I wish you good health, good luck in everything, longevity.


49、appy birthday, mom! I really want to have the language to express our gratitude, thank you for your daily housework and give us help. May you always be happy and healthy in the years to come!

50、ome people say that pregnant women are the most beautiful animals in the world, before I do not understand, to see you to believe. Dear, you enjoy the beautiful time, mother birthday, I asked the blessing of love auspicious clouds to the most beautiful you.


52、n the blue of the sky rain must wash; bright flowers need bees intimacy; the verdant mountain forest to the mountain of the nestling; gorgeous life needs a mother's gift! I wish the world a healthy mother


54、om, I think you made dumplings, do you want to eat cookies, you do meal. You must give me a cat. In fact, you want a cat. Mother's birthday, I wish my mother a happy birthday!



57、ear mother: every day in your life is a blessing for you, because I always think about you all the time in my life!



60、oday is my mother's birthday, and then shy to express, and then simply to send flowers, and then busy to take time to go home, and then distant also want to call, and then familiar with a reminder to send. Mom's birthday, don't forget it.

61、ilver silk strings missing, loose eyelids become worried, wrinkles into strips or curved waist made of hard. Mother's birthday is coming, mom you hard, I will be good to you, I love you.



64、ou and I are flying out from under the eaves of the home of the bird, every feather growth condense mother affectionate caress and earnestly. Mother's birthday is coming, I sincerely pray for you and your mother, healthy and happy every day!




68、our love for us to build a warm world, bless you, my dear mother, happy birthday! Happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea longevity.

69、appy, happy, happy are made by your birthday and, I put sincere blessing into a beautiful mystery, to your birthday party up, let you guess

70、here is a kind of love is never abandon, no regrets, is from first to last! It does not change because of status, money, and! It is not romantic, no heroic friendship! It is a mother's love, ordinary and great maternal love!


72、ou do not have the lily of sweet, but heart Qin people; you have peony flowers smile, but dazzing bright; you with all the emotion I hold up the warm blue sky, I would like to with a lifetime of love on your side, happy birthday, mom!




76、or us, the greatest happiness is to understand their parents, I got this kind of happiness, and never lost, so in your birthday, I want to say to you: Thank you!


78、 want to tell a friend, mother birthday, mother in waiting for our sons and daughters back to a family meal ah, you know she expect you to finish her desire, home to accompany the mother to eat a meal.



81、our calloused hands are my happy childhood; I have the double applogized gray growing footprint! Dear mother, you are the only one I care about! My mother, to the end, wish you everything! Good health!

82、un song Nanshan is said that the spring is not old Nanshan, I lean to the northern Beihai, such as the huge amount of. Wish our mother hundred years of peace, people were old winter plum.

83、he white hair on his head, wrinkles crawling forehead, kindly write full face, care in the heart, mother birthday, blessing please accept I wish a happy mother and son greetings please kindly mother I love you.






89、oday I met an angel in the rain, the umbrella to lend her, today she asked me to glory or wealth, I said nothing, just now see the message from the one mother this Sunday my mother happy birthday! Always healthy!


91、ose, although the United States, no mother Mei; although the Ao Xue plum, no strong mother; spring, though clean, not the mother's heart is pure; although I can not accompany you, but sincerely wish mom birthday happy!

92、ou gave me the true meaning of life such as gold, after years of washing, long but more bright. You gave me life and brought me up to grow the land, I deeply love you. Happy birthday to my mother!


94、housands of miles away, waiting for the mother; thousands of miles, the mother in the guaqian. Child line a thousand miles mother worry, mother's health is not worry. Mother's birthday is coming, may the mother happy, healthy and long life.


96、eaven and earth is very big, but I can not walk out of your care; the world is very wide, but I can not throw you weave the net; sea water is deep, but not your upbringing. Mom, thousands and thousands of words in a bow, I wish my mother Happy birthday!

97、end you carnations. You said waste, please you eat a big meal, but you do, send you a gift, you say, today is mother's birthday, gifts will accept, dear mother, may you many years of life, I will always love you.

98、he is the rain and dew, moisten our hearts; she is the sun, warm our chest; she is a beacon to guide our direction; she is the dock, watched our voyage. Mother's birthday to the world: happy birthday!


100、gain beautiful carnations as to her worry; sweet language as home to look at; precious jewelry as well give mother love returns. Mother's birthday, sent to the gift, I wish the world mother: happiness and well-being of the sweet.

101、 bunch of early morning sunshine, pick a bunch of beautiful flowers, hide a bunch of sincere blessings, I wish you every moment in life, every day, every year, happiness forever, happy forever, sweet forever. Happy mother's birthday!




105、ear mom, carnations represent my deep love and gratitude! May th mother's birthday: dear mother, send blessings to send peace, I love you! My son will always love you! Happy mother's birthday!



108、here is a kind of feeling, this life can not forget, there is a love, this life to repay, this love love is like dead poets society, this feeling is like the deep sea mother love mother, thank you to raise graciousness, I wish your mother a happy birthday!

109、ith eyes, looked at the mother quietly white hair with hair; touch of heart, just know that mother has to work out too much energy. Today, will be a blessing to the mother; I wish a happy birthday, health gifts!



112、other calloused hands are my happy childhood, mother Shuangbin grizzled and my growing! Distant mother, you are my only care! Mother day is coming, wish everything, health!


114、ffer every day to your sincerity and love, send sound to wish your family, my dear mother, I wish your birthday happy, happy forever!

115、t's mom's birthday, it's Thanksgiving Day. Thank you for many years of parenting, thank you for many years of education. Mom, you are the best teacher in my life. I want to wish you a happy birthday! Happy life every day!

116、un father and sun mother gave birth to a son of the sun, we should say what to congratulate them? Do you want to come out? Answer: born day happy!



119、other is an umbrella, is a pod, we are under the umbrella of the child, is the beans in pods. Under the umbrella of the child is happy, the beans inside the beans are happy, the mother is great! Happy birthday, mom!

120、hen I am sad, when I am depressed, my dear father, I always pay attention to me. Your advice and encouragement to help me through my mother, thank you for your help and understanding. Wish you a very happy birthday!

Behind bad luck comes good luck。塞翁失马,焉知非福。















Better late than never。迟做总比不做好;晚来总比不来强。