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2、he setting sun is reflected in the rosy clouds, facing the breeze and facing the horizon. The gentle breeze, passed the festival greetings, floating to the distant you, I hope you have spent all this wonderful, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


4、he green poplar is drooping with rain, and the new colored silk is wrapped in horns; the brown leaves are wrapped in family and friendship, and the friendly and loving rice dumplings are sentiment; the doorstep is stuck with the argyi leaf fragrance, and a safe and healthy life will last forever. Zhu: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!





9、iluo River tells a magical story, reed leaves glutinous rice into infinite respect, dragon boat carrying the ancient legend, the Dragon Boat Festival contains the national character. I wish you sweet life! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


11、lthough you are in good health, but Qu Yuan said: more exercise, less mahjong, can eat more zongzi, healthy every day.


13、ccasionally busy, does not mean to forget; the arrival of summer, I wish you a happy mood, once dropped greetings, this moment together to compensate, all the care, condensed this message, wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

14、 sent you a zongzi ahead of time: luckily covered with fresh leaves, and happily wrapped into delicious stuffing. Smells warm, tastes sweet, swallows is happy, aftertaste is happy, happy Dragon Boat Festival!



17、housands of rivers and mountains rice dumplings is love, Qu Yuan said thank you, Dragon Boat Festival together to see the Dragon boat, the family ties are not far away. I wish Dragon Boat Festival happiness and happiness forever.


19、ently greeting into all my wishes, light blessing poured out of my infinite sincerity, quietly a short message quietly filled the screen! Happy and happy forever! Wish Dragon Boat Festival happy!

20、et the wind blow away your troubles, let the rain wash away your troubles, let the sun bring you warmth, let the moon bring you warmth, let the friendship bring you happiness, let me give you unlimited greetings, wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

21、very Festival zong think of you, good friends between zong is love, Dragon Boat Festival, zong said zong language bless you, wish everything zong smoothly, life zong happy, like zong beautiful!



24、ragon Boat Festival, hanging sachets; eat zongzi, set off firecrackers; every household is really lively; Artemisia argyi Gaomen dance, exorcise evil gas, five poisons; happy Dragon Boat Festival. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

25、ragon Boat Festival arrived, I send you a back garden, the garden is planted in a wisdom tree, flow is the spring of worry, open is free flowers, built is a lucky bridge, wish good luck, happy Dragon Boat Festival.


27、lutinous rice is sticky missing, brown leaves are cool costume, dragon boat is a lucky express, sachet is a happy package, the hot weather of the Dragon Boat Festival, has been joyful shield, of course you do not think of summer.


29、he angel said he would make a wish before standing on the ninety-nine tulips carefully painted, and God would hear it. I painted flowers all over the beach, and God said to me, make a wish. I said: people who want to see SMS are happy Dragon Boat Festival!





34、ccasional busy does not mean forgetting. Dragon Boat Festival arrival, may you feel comfortable, Dragon Boat Festival greetings, and zongzi sent together; all the concern, condensed into this message, wish a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

35、ayers of zongzi leaves stacked fragrance, sticky rice sticky thick thinking, red jujube red Tongtong transport, hot zongzi warm feeling, festive Dragon Boat Festival Festival passed oh.

36、melling zongzi fragrance, missing floating across the river, you and I separated hundreds of miles, Dragon Boat Festival more miss you! Because I want to share the joy of Dragon Boat Festival with you. I wish you dumplings happier than me, happy Dragon Boat Festival!

37、each red, apricot yellow, the fifth day of May is Duanyang, zongzixiang, packed with five grain, peel a zongzi wrapped with sugar, happy life for thousands of years, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

38、ife needn't be earth-shaking, happiness is good; Friendship needn't be sweet words, just think; Money needn't be loaded, enough is good; Friends needn't be everywhere, just have you. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

39、ragon Boat Festival is around the corner. I hope you have a wonderful career, a safe life, a profitable business, a lottery ticket, and a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

40、eaves fold, endless good luck; rice sticky, happy continuous; twining lines, happy embrace; water and water, strong feelings; dumplings linked, bless endless! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

41、 think you have been holding you like this, your fragrance is so charming, your posture is how even, want to bite you, dumplings really delicious. Happy Dragon Boat Festival.

42、ood wine, light, the longer the mellow; good friends, simple, the longer the more true; good fate, long, long, long, long, long. Sincere friendship is unforgettable forever. Wish Dragon Boat Festival happy!



45、ay five is Dragon Boat Festival, zongzi incense, Dragon Boat dance. Sweet and fragrant, dancing blessing. I wish you: life is beautiful, colorful, career harvest, grain harvest! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

46、ragon Boat Festival, surprise! Would like to see text messages of you, in this sunny day: eat zongzi, sweet; see the Dragon boat, good luck harvest; drink realgar, after the villain; text messages, good luck.

47、rtemisia argyi leaves are fragrant, time is near the end of the sun; bow your head to think of friends, on the side of the water; miss not dare to forget, greeting heart; then with a sachet, bless you Yongan Kang; zongzi taste, Ruiqi full of fragrance.

48、ight Zongye fragrance, strong friendship, root silk connection, cut easily pull, good mood with the fragrance of Zongzi passed to good friends, I wish you laugh often, good luck with the Dragon Boat Festival is happy!




52、ragon Boat Festival to send you a zongzi, with the blessing of zongye, wrapped in a lifetime of happiness, devoted love, little by little care, day and night of happiness, I wish you a success, family happiness!

53、uan Yang, flower branches Qiao, every household happy Tao Tao. Hang the wormwood, bring the sachet, fragrant sweet sweet hundred recruit. The dragon boat race is dedicated to Qu Yuan. The Dragon Boat Festival is fragrant and fragrant.


55、ragon boat paddle, AI Ye has long. The sachet sends the thought, the zongzi fragrance. The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the festival is thicker. Far away from home, it is hard to convey meaning. In order to convey this, I hope you will be satisfied. Greetings are short and deep affection.

56、ragon Boat Festival is coming, I want to give you a coat: pocket warmth, collar called care, sleeves called thoughtfulness, buttons called missing; let this coat firmly accompany you through every minute every second, wish Dragon Boat Festival happy!


58、end you a good luck zongzi. It contains healthy rice, lucky eggs, safe mushrooms, happy shrimps, longevity flowers, lucky chestnuts. If you receive them, you will be lucky. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

59、 bowl of rice is everlasting, auspicious and wishful oak, a leaf of happiness, lingering a line, open your heart into brown, shy to give you, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.


61、 want to use a healthy mung bean, a happy peanut, a beautiful red bean, a happy seasoning, packed into a happy zongzi to give you, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!






67、our name is stored in my mobile phone, just like your shadow in my heart. It is destined to be remembered in every festival. May my blessings be sent to your heart and I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

68、ong argyi grass fragrance, long affection; Silk greetings, sweet dumplings taste; Dreams in melodious, side health; Dragon boat sailing in the river, mugwort hanging on the door; Bless me, happy Dragon Boat Festival!

69、ay th zong miss you, sugar filling meat stuffing anything; glutinous rice sticks to each other's friendship, brown leaves wrapped my blessing to you; SMS accompanied by good luck, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!




73、melling zongzi fragrance, missing floating across the river, you and I separated hundreds of miles, Dragon Boat Festival more miss you! Because I want to share the joy of Dragon Boat Festival with you. I wish you always happier than I am!

74、ice and steamed bun fight together, rice is wrapped in the dozen, bean paste bags, steamed dumplings are spared. Zongzi was anxious and tore one of the clothes: see clearly, I am undercover! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!



77、reen Zongye wrapped in auspicious, Festival and Duanyang festival; Qingqing River dragon boat, light yellow wine to ease worries; joy to send friends, filled with sincere affection. Wish you: Dragon Boat Festival is joyful, everything is auspicious!

78、end is the text, received is happy, see is a short message, missing is concerned, open is healthy, read is auspicious, silent is a blessing, wish Dragon Boat Festival is happy!




82、he zongzi is a sentiment. It is not enough to lose zongzi. Jujube, bean paste, pineapple stuffing, sweet and sweet taste. Egg yolk meat and meat stuffing, happy life together. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!





87、ine as a song, light music, beautiful dancing; Flowers, clear water, clouds; Dreams come true, Fu Luquan, wish happy every day; Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

88、 little sincerity is better than two thousand gold. A short message brings me all my heart. Pick a fragrant rice dumpling leaves, wrapped in a sweet rice dumpling, into the true message, to you: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!


90、he style of the Dragon Boat Festival is cool, the water of life flows slowly, the happy boat sails for you, let the heart of blessing fly for you, wish you a happy and auspicious Dragon Boat Festival.







































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