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2、he October sun filled the festival, the October breeze through her mood, good luck October fireworks blooming, National Day festival, stop busy footsteps, wish you a happy moment into the mind. I wish you a happy National Day!





7、his year! Popular late childbirth of marry at a mature age, to stay up late and get up late, to eat dinner, see the party, thanks to an old age. But bless your National Day, I can't late. Early to wish you a happy National Day, happy holiday!


9、aring heart, greeting uninvited. Friendship does not need to vindicate, a tacit understanding irreplaceable. Miss surge of emotion surge, heart infinite regrets. Through the separation, sent out silently care. I wish you: very good National Day holiday!


11、ational Day long vacation is quite rare, for unlimited leisure time, visit friends and relatives fung, reunion party more than the truth, I don't feel lonely, SMS send a blessing, wish you National Day joy!

12、ou ask me to eat a big meal, the National Day vacation? To me, please give me a massage, if you ignore me, I have to go to eat goubuli stuffed bun to eat! But I don't care with you, and wish you a happy holiday!


14、acked in a bag of sunshine two sea breeze, a few jins of blessing, passed to the United States to buy some happiness, bought two bottles of romantic French, cut off from the depths of the heart how much care, as a gift to you, I wish a happy National Day!

15、appiness is a piece of chocolate, let you eat is sweet; Time is like a song, let you hear just deep; Message is like a bud, you received before flowering. Happy National Day holiday, the most sincere blessings to you!

16、ime such as the blink, while this autumn with the hand of the National Day came to the us, in order to celebrate the arrival of the National Day, please relax, wish you a happy National Day!

17、ays old, love is difficult, the sea is not dry, the heart is difficult to change, the wind of missing is permanent, the cloud of caring is permanent, and to golden weeks, blessing to permanent, happy National Day!






23、herever you National Day go traveling, I wish the ambush on the way: peace in all the way, happy in the mountains, lucky in the river, bless in the forest, into a text message follow you, bless you safe trip is happy!

24、he annual National Day is coming, my text messages with auspicious, reflected the peaceful sky, meet happy sunshine, in a warm breeze, stepping happy cloud, bless my dear friends, happy National Day!




28、ational Day vacation, leisure, spend time. Every day in the face of the ceiling, turn a turn around. National Day long vacation is coming, I wish your family reunion go out to play, open happy heart is like the Chinese New Year!

29、he pressure of work, make the person forget worry; Leisure to relax and forget tired; Travel to relax, forget the fatigue; Friend's blessing, embrace happiness. Friend, the National Day holiday happy every day.


31、ational shengchang, universal well-being, the country merry; Merry road, take the blessing, wish you happiness; The ship over the sea, floated a care, give you happy; Happy National Day, is lucky, happy forever!


33、oy puts heart into a man, the people on holiday heart spacious, ritual the love go hand in hand, new clothes is grooming, marry a beauty bosom lie, friends and relatives all, love grow happiness. I wish you a happy National Day, a happy marriage.

34、pen the heart window to accept the sun, you will feel your warmth; Your mind to accept the flowers, you will feel the beauty of nature; Open your heart to accept greetings, and you will feel the warmth of friendship: happy National Day!


36、ational Day is coming, firecrackers rang, the flowers smiled, the heart is drunk, happy together, the more happiness; Blessing: may you smiled, I wish you a beautiful, happy happy, good, beauty to death you!

37、National Day to send blessing: I wish lovers fingers defiled, whole life; I wish my family is perfect, unchanging; My best wishes for your assured, smooth; I wish friends all ten nine mu, a table is special!

38、id-Autumn National Day reunions, of national jubilation. Mid-Autumn festival moon reward perfect your life, happy National Day gift your family happiness. Wish you a successful career, family and all the best.


40、ational Day to again in an instant, SMS blessing before it is too late. We pray attentively, happy the motherland prosperity, careered economic construction; Wish your youthful vitality, forever happiness to old! Happy birthday to the motherland, I wish you a happy holiday!

41、he autumn wind blow away the work tired, National Day holiday leisure, eliminate the fatigue life for seven days holiday, the renewed bout of body and mind. Work, spirit one hundred times to you!


43、usiness all down, happy home; Put aside all of work, easily play; All troubles behind, a happy holiday; Good luck all leave, comfortably rich! Happy National Day!

44、National Day not to work and travel to relax, meet the wind blowing the sea, the sunshine looked at the sky, happy holiday happiness infinite, thousands of older friends, blessing of another thick, I wish you a happy National Day long vacation too!


46、nother year National Day, great development in economic boom. Armed forces parade, military and civilian concentric laughter. Although there are eight tianle holiday, you and I separated no mood to enjoy. I wish you good health, the National Day holiday season every day happy smile filled with!

47、he most worth grasp: opportunities; The most worth striving: dream; The most anticipated: success; The most worth reminding: come on. Continue to work after the National Day, happy work, friend!

48、t this moment, have my deepest thoughts. Let cloud wisher to bless with full intention, embellish your sweet dream, wish you have a happy happy National Day holiday!

49、he rush of time have run out, I wish the permanent discoloration; Any friends distance is far, I miss my permanent shallow; Guo-qing ren quietly, I am happy to share with you permanently, wish you happy forever, full holiday happy forever.

50、appiness, packaged and delivered to your side; Collection of your happiness, buried in your heart; Lit happy, for you to blossom; And joy, appointment to singing for you. National Day is coming, wish you happy, happy flying!




54、oday is: your birthday, my motherland. Today is: how is your holiday, my friend; Today is: how is your golden week, my blessing letter: National Day seven tianle, playing gold in the golden week, ping an health how happy!

55、ife is like a dream like a play, alive is really not easy. Festival food moderation, the body can be much more attention. Bosom friend is hard to find treasure, to contact during the National Day. Will give you a blessing, wish you happy and sweet.






61、he wind out of the window of the continuous winding, seems to be telling my missing for you, the clouds show that seemed to be gazing at long-lost friends, today is the National Day, SMS hurriedly gently greetings, happy National Day!


63、National Day, good thing, romantic wedding, holiday, happiness in hand, glittering jewelry, promise a lifetime and banquet dishes, beauties, you thick thick, honeymoon holiday, National Day wedding, a lifetime happiness.

64、ational Day comes at its own, a text message, happy both ends. Celebrate festivals, a greeting, phonographic everywhere. One sound into add warmth, blessings, and everyone is happy!





69、bout memories is a ballad, transfer of missing is a text message, depicting the blessing is a greeting, a warm heart is a concern, care is forever love. National Day holiday, and look forward to working with you meet each other!


71、utumn festival is many, the Mid-Autumn festival, National Day is coming, the Mid-Autumn festival family reunion for pleasure, National Day married couple pairs, in this festive holiday, also send to give you my blessing, happy National Day!

72、he sun sky came to the National Day, the red flag, said is gone with the wind, I wish you a happy happy happy life; Good fortune as one wishes to cause a backgammon, blessing, good fortune, I wish you a happy and easy life.

73、orld began to abnormal, masters married buy busy repayment, master elder brother had talked about love, learn years is already different era, only we each other is helpless. Two seniors, ok? National Day long vacation eat more!


75、 put the blessing to you wear a kite on day, cut off the kite line, let it floated around you, every line with my strong feelings, must not turn a long time not see, I wish: happy National Day!




79、nsipid rhetoric, good pile of good; Don't need to think more, sincere greetings to. National Day festival, wish you happy laughter, money running straight to you, happiness from points minutes, to eat good rest good fun!

80、ational Day, wishes to! I wish you day and night, always a happy; Wish you yesterday, today and tomorrow smoothly every day; I wish you the best spring, summer, autumn and winter in almost every year. National Day, I wish you happiness!

















Business before pleasure。事业在先,享乐在后。









A good winter brings a good summer。瑞雪兆丰年。





The secret of success is constancy of purpose。成功的秘诀在于持之于恒。