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1、Wisdom teeth these days tortured me, eat chew, can not move, and had to keep painkillers。智齿这两天折磨着我,吃不了嚼不动,不能运动,还得不停吃止疼药。

2、Exercise helps to maintain your healthy life style ,and also it keeps your body fit and healthy。锻炼有助于保持你的健康的生活方式,并且也让你的身体健康和健康。

3、Thought has great significance in the history of the movement。思想在历史运动中有巨大的意义。

4、Covered with a light run and jump, not walk loose flesh。跑跑跳跳浑身轻,不走不动皮肉松。

5、The Olympic oath encourages athletes, coaches and officials to observe the rules and the spirit of sportsmanship。奥运会誓言鼓励运动员、教练员和裁判员遵守规则,发扬体育精神。

6、The role of sports can replace drugs but all drugs are not a substitute for exercise。运动的作用可以代替药物,但所有的药物都不能替代运动。

7、A walk after dinner, live to nine; dinner three hundred paces, not into the pharmacy。饭后百步走,活到九十九;饭后三百步,不用进药铺。

8、The health of the body for motionless and destruction, for sports practice and keep for a long time。 身体的健康因静止不动而破坏,因运动练习而长期保持。

9、 Love sports, love the game, love the players, is the love of life。 热爱运动,热爱比赛,热爱运动员,就是热爱人生。

10、my grandfather exercises with his healthcare balls every day。 我爷爷每天都拿着保健球锻炼。

11、Dialectics is the science about the outside world and the laws of a ship movements of the human mind。辩证法是关于外部世界和人类思维运动的一船规律的科学。

12、Walking promote my mind。 My body must be in constant motion, their brains will be put into operation。散步促进我的思想。我的身体必须不断运动,脑筋才会开动起来。

13、My victory shows like those yellow-skinned athletes can run as fast as black and white。我的胜利说明,黄皮肤的运动员能够像那些黑人和白人跑得一样快。

14、Set foot on the runway, it is a choice。 Leave the starting point is a kind of courage。 Galloping track, it is a victory。踏上跑道,是一种选择。离开起点,是一种勇气。驰骋赛场,是一种胜利。

15、no matter how cold it gets, we must all stick to our exercise routine。 不管天气多么寒冷,我们都要坚持锻炼。

16、Pace stride, let us speeding on the runway in red 。步子迈开,让我们飞驰在红色跑道上。

17、Health from sports, to his athletic life, you want to be all things sports。健康来自运动,生命来自己运动,一切想要的东西都要运动。

18、Static is death, eternal life is only sport to knock on the door。静止便是死亡,只有运动才能敲开永生的大门。

19、Sitting from time to time, no section diet, extravagant in appetite, and stingy sports, this number who pathogenic great source also。起居之不时,饮食之无节,侈于嗜欲,而吝于运动,此数者,致病之大源也。

20、A walk after dinner, live to nine。饭后百步走,活到九十九。

21、Efforts to develop sports, to our national mental health training to become a happy person。努力发展体育事业,把我们的国民锻炼成为身体健康精神愉快的人。

22、Science is based on a healthy body。 科学的基础是健康的身体。

23、Refuel it, athletes are!加油吧,运动健儿们!

24、Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement。没有**的理论,就不会有**的运动。

25、Day dance several dance, live to ninety-five。一日舞几舞,活到九十五。

26、Health is a major factor in happiness, exercise is an important guarantee of health。健康是幸福的主要因素,锻炼是健康的重要保证。

27、Sport is the source of all life。 运动是生命的源泉。

28、 Do you want to go hiking at Xiang Shan ? 我们一起去爬香山怎么样?

29、The long, as trouble, long-established Shang Wei, sedentary injury blood, long injury lay gas。久视伤神,久立伤胃,久坐伤血,久卧伤气。

30、Bodied people, not only by diet, especially by sports。人的健全,不但靠饮食,尤靠运动。

31、Brain power is movement rather than to stationary。大脑的力量在于运动而不在于静止。

32、she was very busy at work, but she managed to stick to her exercise regime。 工作很忙,但是她还坚持锻炼。

33、I really think that sports great, everyone should stick to something!我真的觉得运动很棒,是每个人都该坚持的事!

34、The essence of life lies in motion, tranquil tranquil is death。人生的本质就在于运动,安谧宁静就是死亡。

35、Chuyishenhan practice, minor illnesses do not see。练出一身汗,小病不用看。

36、Weak, it will always be incomplete culture vibrant soul and wisdom。身体虚弱,它将永远不全培养有活力的灵魂和智慧。

37、Winter Move, less trouble a disease; winter, a lazy lazy, drink a bowl of medicine。冬天动一动,少闹一场病;冬天懒一懒,多喝药一碗。

38、Miracle drug fungus grass, as every day practice run。仙丹妙药灵芝草,不如天天练长跑。

39、the army is a place where people can build their character。 部队是一个锻炼意志的大熔炉。

40、Sports can help people subjected to physical and mental stress。体育可以帮助人们经受对体力和脑力的重压。

41、he keeps exercising all year around, even in the hottest days in summer and the coldest days in winter。 他常年坚持锻炼,冬练三九,夏练三伏。

42、Do not rely on medicine, do not rely on drugs, the most effective exercise every day。不靠医,不靠药,天天锻炼最见效。

43、Waist alive early day the spirit of good。早起活活腰,一天精神好。

44、Life is movement, human life is exercise。生命就是运动,人的生命就是运动。

45、Science is based on a healthy body。科学的基础是健康的身体

46、Wall rely on strong foundation, strong body by exercise。墙靠基础坚,身强靠锻炼。

47、Static and less dynamic, infirm; there is movement there is quiet, disease-free and painless。静而少动,体弱多病;有静有动,无病无痛。

48、Walking is an excellent exercise, people should cultivate the habit of a long walk。走路是极好的运动,人应该养成走长路的习惯。

49、Life lies in movement。 生命在于运动

50、in morning, there are a lot of old men doing exercise in the park。 早上在公园锻炼的老头儿特别的多。

51、I hope badminton can be as popular as the NBA, I hope to be able to help promote the sport。我希望羽毛球能像NBA一样受欢迎,希望自己能够帮助推广这项运动。

52、In the soul of the movement inside, the most important runner is determined。在灵魂的运动里面,最重要的转轮是决心。

53、Thought force out sick a shrink reduction。 Get up early to do morning exercises, one day the spirit of good。练练力出,缩缩病出。早起做早操,一天精神好。

54、They can be closer to nature。 他们可以更加地亲近大自然。

55、People are afraid not move, the brain afraid not。人怕不动,脑怕不用。

56、Earth is in motion, a person will not always be in a bad position。地球是运动的,一个人不会永远处在倒霉的位置。

57、you should exercise more, you’ve already out of breath after completing such a small task。 你应该多锻炼锻炼了,才干了这么点力气活就抽气得不行。

58、The most wonderful place of sports competitions was due only to do in the hands, not the port said。体育竞赛之最绝妙处乃由于它只在手做,不在口说。




世界上,唯独骗不了的,是自己的心,它总在你最没提防时,暴露你的欢喜忧愁。in the world,could not deceive only,was own heart,it when you most has not always guarded against,exposed you to like sadly。














Big mouthfuls ofter choke。贪多嚼不烂。




The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it。指责带给你刺痛,正是它的忠实之处。