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3、ow beautiful the stars are in the sky, but without you, everything will not be alive; every lonely night, do you know, I miss you silently.




7、appiness is accompanied by you, unforgettable is your eyes, happiness is holding your hand, warmth is holding you in your arms, what is love, let us all together.

8、old your hand, a piece of rush, rush together, our love is irresistible; close to your heart, always close, always match, our love can break gold.

9、 know that wherever I go, you will always be there for me. Accompany me to cry, to accompany me to laugh, to accompany me to wait, to accompany me to blossom.


11、ove is sweet, but bitter, sweet as honey when you have it, like the end of the world when you lose it. May your love path be simple and happy, love to the end of time.


13、f I live, God will give me the greatest life, then live. Having you will be God's greatest gift to me in my mission.

14、et you burn your mark on my back, after years of decay, even if I become a pile of white bones, bones will be engraved with your name.

15、iang Xiang, Xiao Yue cold, late cold, Valentine's day alone back, Gu shadow sad. It is difficult to see, but difficult to think.



18、 love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid that I will die immediately, I am not afraid of death, but afraid that if I really die, who will love you as I do!



21、hen stung season rains, SMS blessings will surround you, busy work do not too tired, the body always to protect, let go of worry not tired. Wish you health and wealth!

22、here is only one name in the world that makes me so worried, like an invisible thread, fastened to the tip of my heart and held in your hand.

23、e meet in the dust, we hold hands in the storm, we walk side by side in the waves, God has its own arrangements in the dark, let us be kind to this situation.



26、ew clothes will grow old and people will grow old. Time goes by, but the love I have for you will last forever. Our pledge will never change.

27、pen my eyes, my eyes only you. Close my eyes, I only see you. With my glasses, my four eyes are you.

28、h It's snowing! I really want to become a snowflake into your arms. I flew into your neck collar, flew into your cuff and flew into your heart!


30、he furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, nor the distance between heaven and earth, but when I stand in front of you, you do not know that I love you.


32、ome things will not fade after how long, although always treated with indifference, but he is always in my heart pain, once touched slightly pain will not want to live.

33、 gave my life's love to you, and I hope you can feel my love. My dear, you know my heart.

34、 don't want to say much, and that's all I can write about. I just want you to know what I think and feel in my heart, and I think it will certainly move you.

35、he beauty of space is helpless, testing each other's determination to love, the tragic mistake of the distance between the soul, measuring the love of each other's distance.



38、 love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid I said, I will die soon, I am not afraid of death, I am afraid I will die, no one else like me love you!

39、ou are the tree I sit at the window gazing at, you are the book in my hand when I first shed tears, you are the candle I watched in the rainy night, you are my favorite person!

40、ug Valentine's Day, miss you thousands of times, just because the distance is too far away, send a text message to love, wish you happy like a god, vow to love forever.

41、 want to prove that I love you the same in fifty years, because I want to prove that I love you the most in the world, because I want to run for a model couple with you.


43、or you, I may not be a very good lover, but for me, you are the most beautiful in the world, you can not love me, but you can not prevent me from loving you.


45、 am a deep-sea fish, the body is always cold, my heart is often painful, but I insist on looking for warmth, until I die.


47、ow I wish it were your computer, receiving your affectionate eyes every day, how I wish it was your keyboard, bearing the beating of your fingertips every day!



50、lthough meteors are beautiful, they are ephemeral; though stars are ordinary, they are permanent. I hope you are the star that brings me joy, happiness, and time to guard me.

51、nder the starry sky, I feel boundless desolation. Maybe meteors can understand. I look forward to the day when your snowy days bring your fragrance.


53、nowflakes are floating in the blue sky, beautiful shoes are missing feet, your acquaintance with me is a myth, please call back gently!

54、 can't give you a million luxury houses, I can't give you a brilliant halo, all I can give you is my heart.

55、o love a girl is better to keep her and work hard for her happiness than to give up her for her happiness.


57、here are so many people in the world. Why do I know you? There are so many people, why do I miss you? As long as I think of you, my heart is as sweet as honey!



60、ut your pictures all over the place I would like to paste, all the places I can see frequently, and of course, they are always firmly attached to my heart.




64、ove, originally wine, a drink will be drunk; missing, originally the sea, easily drowned me; you, originally a flower, in my heart has already quietly opened.

65、f you are a mountain, I would like to be a river, I around you; if you are a tea, I would like to be boiled water, I soak you; if you are a cloud, I would like to be the wind, I chase you.

66、ppreciate your current environment and love your current life. To seek meaning in meaningless, to seek interest in uninteresting, to look for hope in hopeless.


68、ou are the fire in my soul, and all the good things you do for me make me crave for another day. You get me for life, because no matter who you are or no one.


70、 love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

71、ow endless long nights, do not forget your side I am an indelible flame, ignite every hope in your heart, life for you to dance and jump.

72、s time went by, we forgot that we had loved a man without a return, that we had forgotten his tenderness, that we had forgotten all he had done for me.

73、overs always talk a lot of boredom and do some boring things. Happiness is a person with you boring, it is rare that you two do not feel bored.


75、ur love comes from online love, but it is sublimated in reality. We can not separate from each other, dear, I love you.


77、ome things, not the thicker the better, just right. Deep words, we say shallow, long road, we slowly go.





82、ecause of fate, no matter in your life sky blue or rainy season, I always only have to turn away from you, for you to support a piece of unyielding sky!



85、our happiness, my sweetness, your melancholy, my sadness, although I am not everything to you, I wish to be your forever companion, hey hey, to cherish my heart oh!


87、he stars are shining in the sky, so I'm very happy to know you. One of the ten thousand hearts in the sky is my heart. When I miss you, I look at the stars and the stars, and remember to be happy every day.

88、eeting you is the luck of my life; falling in love with you is the joy of my life; losing you is the regret of my life; without you, I can't feel the shock of my heart.

89、ou are so ordinary that no one will mention you, and people will not pay attention to your existence. But in my heart, you are so charming and moving.

90、he first time I said I love you, let me understand that the luckiest thing, not the first time I bought a lottery ticket won five million, but this life I confessed to you, and you turned for me.




94、f you like me, send me a text message; if you like me, call me; if you love me, keep silent!

95、se my whole life to recollection the moment with you. Feel with my heart and feel deeply with my soul. I only wish to accompany you all my life.


97、ore than ambition, I premeditated a lifetime of thinking, from the beginning of meeting you, do not see the loess.

98、ove you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. Your face is looking forward to the night! I just want to be with you all my life! No regrets after all. Read the first word of every sentence.




102、here is a very magical thing called fate, there is a very romantic work called treasure, there is a very bitter regret called miss, there is a very painful helplessness called miss!


104、he wind blows like a broken flowering year, and your smile shakes, become the most beautiful ornament in my life, look at the sky, look at the snow, see the deep shadow of the season.



107、 was walking alone in the street that day. It was raining heavily and the ground was slippery. I accidentally fell and threw my heart out. There was your name on it.


109、 just want to tell you sincerely that I will love you very well. So now I sincerely propose to you, and I want your love.







116、t is precisely because of love that it quietly escapes, from the shadow, from the silent feelings; today I finally summoned the courage to express my love to you.

117、u Su, I am an ordinary person. But I have an extraordinary heart. I am a vulnerable person, do not let me sad. Please marry me!



120、ou walk into the world where I live, like red plums in the snow, I see a star rising in the cold night, a bonfire on the desert.

121、ou are a tree, I am a vine, I around you; you are a lamp, I am oil, I consume you; you are a cake, I am a pot, I braze you; you are tea, I am water, I soak you.


123、appiness is the realization of every tiny wish. You have something to eat when you want to eat, and someone to love you when you want to be loved.



126、ow much is it? When the ends of the earth are poor, there are endless yearning for love.




130、our eyes are looking at your face, your nose is smelling, your ears are listening to your voice, but I do not have you in my head, because you have been imprinted in my heart forever.

131、ithout your dream, the world is so lonely. For you, anything is willing, as long as we can get together with you, what is called happiness.



134、 shot my love arrow into your heart, and you were my captive. I decided to sentence you to life imprisonment, to keep you in my heart forever, and not to be released on bail.


136、ish is the wind, happiness is the sail, happiness is the boat, wish the wind blowing the sail of happiness, carrying the boat of happiness, floating to you forever happy.


138、n your lonely and sad days, please read my name quietly. And say: someone is missing me, I am living in a man's heart in the world.


140、he long night, listening to the city's cars, a drifting lonely heart in the thoughts of you, I do not know if you understand from afar, you will always be my favorite!

141、ove two people, with crazy love, but still can not stop the interference of family members, in order to stay together we elope together!

142、aving met, how can we endure separation, wishing every year will always be dependent on each other; good days and beautiful scenery, like a dream, wishing to carry each other day and night.


144、y eyes gaze affectionately into your eyes, as blue as the sea, so pure that they can not rub a small grain of sand.





149、ool! Every time I hear you say you don't like you, I feel sad. Anyway, I only know that I have fallen in love with you.

150、he sun shines in the daytime, so you will love my heart. For a happy relationship, as long as stars never cease to shine, I pray that we will be together.


152、he quickest way to get love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly. The best way to keep love is to give wings to love and let it fly.


154、ogs do not lose weight because they do not miss. People will be thin because he thinks of others. People are always tortured by yearning, making a poor stray dog in their yearning.

155、t's fate to meet you, to like you, to love you, and to miss you. So I decided to love you with all my heart.


157、t is because of love that it quietly escapes, from the shadow, from the silent feelings; today I finally summoned the courage to express my love to you.



160、ove you not enough, just want to accompany you around; Hold your hand tightly, accompany you with the wind, frost, rain and dew; Entanglement to the white head, the whole life with you. Love you for a long time!