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1、ew clothes will grow old and people will grow old. Time goes by, but the love I have for you will last forever. Our pledge will never change.


3、iss your smile, miss your beauty, miss your noble temperament and charming taste. I can't forget the feeling of tenderness in your memory.

4、old you tight, let you feel my heart beat faster because I love you, hold you tight, let you feel my breath quicker because I love you.





9、u Su, I am an ordinary person. But I have an extraordinary heart. I am a vulnerable person, do not let me sad. Please marry me!



12、ow much is it? When the ends of the earth are poor, there are endless yearning for love.

13、n each missing day, it is not easy to miss you, do not want you more difficult, willing to a difficult mood, deeply miss you!



16、t's fate to meet you, to like you, to love you, and to miss you. So I decided to love you with all my heart.

17、s deep as hate is, so deep is love. It's better to return a vast sea and sky with a sword of wisdom than to shuttle between love and hate exhaustively.


19、n that love storms, we hold hands again singing, let my love, with the wind floating into your heart, this rain is my tears for you. I miss you.

20、he long night, listening to the city's cars, a drifting lonely heart in the thoughts of you, I do not know if you understand from afar, you will always be my favorite!

21、ore than ambition, I premeditated a lifetime of thinking, from the beginning of meeting you, do not see the loess.





26、ou are the fire in my soul, and all the good things you do for me make me crave for another day. You get me for life, because no matter who you are or no one.

27、our love is beautiful and buried in my heart. The sky is bright, and my thoughts are full of excitement. It's all because of your love.

28、eart thoughts only because of you, miss you through the day, love your heart never change, just want to walk with you for a lifetime, I wish you happiness, health, peace and happiness with!

29、ver since you entered my life, my world has been rid of melancholy and joy. You make my heart warm, your heart becomes warm, I love you.

30、ooking for you in the crowd is like pushing up all the sand on the beach, anxious to find your trail, if you don't want to, I hope there will be another life.

31、earing your voice touched my heart, seeing your people drop my soul, holding your hand I don't want you to go, looking at your back I want to sleep with you.

32、 want to prove that I love you the same in fifty years, because I want to prove that I love you the most in the world, because I want to run for a model couple with you.

33、our figure appeared more and more frequently in front of my eyes, gradually, like breathing, a second without interruption, so that I can not eat well, sleep well.


35、t's only hypocritical love. If I'm silent, it's because I love you. Maybe I'm not your favorite, but I know I love you.

36、ike a person, there will be no pain. Love a person, may have long suffering, but he gave me happiness, is also the greatest happiness in the world.




40、f a woman is a flower, he needs a man to fertilize it; if a man is a tree, he needs a woman to cultivate it! The former is easy to wither and the latter easy to dry up.

41、ou don't see the wind, sand, wind, wind, rain and weep all over the sky, but you have a long way to go. I have gone with the wind and the rain, but only a piece of pick between heaven and earth.


43、ove is a hug when tired, love is a dependence when helpless, let alone love is too simple, insipid together is the most real warm.

44、f I love you, I just want to love you now, love you for life, not the next life, because I'm not sure if I can meet you in the next life here!

45、s long as you like, when you are disappointed, most need a shoulder, tell me, I will appear immediately.

46、he stars are shining in the sky, so I'm very happy to know you. One of the ten thousand hearts in the sky is my heart. When I miss you, I look at the stars and the stars, and remember to be happy every day.


48、ost want to see your affectionate eyes, most want to hear your lingering whisper, most want to touch your gentle cheek, most want to get your true feelings, most want is: you love my heart.



51、our actions make me feel like I'm fighting a moth. I'm sacrificing my love for you, but I hope you'll always be happy.


53、 miss you so much that I broke the telephone line, burned the mobile phone card, took out my wallet, and ate all the sleeping pills, hey! I still can't stop thinking deeply about you!

54、n each missing day, it is not easy to miss you, do not want you more difficult, willing to a difficult mood, deeply miss you! Happy Valentine's Day!

55、ou walk into the world where I live, like red plums in the snow, I see a star rising in the cold night, a bonfire on the desert.


57、 love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid that I will die immediately, I am not afraid of death, but afraid that if I really die, who will love you as I do!

58、 know, I can't stay with you. I know that what I can do is only distant thoughts. Are you happy? Are you happy? I bless you silently.

59、t is because of love that it quietly escapes, from the shadow, from the silent feelings; today I finally summoned the courage to express my love to you.



62、 ignore time because I wait for you to appear; I ignore distance because I wait for you to appear; I ignore language because I miss you forever. Honey, I miss you.

63、t is precisely because of love that it quietly escapes, from the shadow, from the silent feelings; today I finally summoned the courage to express my love to you.


65、issing is a kind of pain that can not be said. My heart wants to die for you. Often think, now you, when you can smile at my side. Let's meet today.



68、ow beautiful the stars are in the sky, but without you, everything will not be alive; every lonely night, do you know, I miss you silently.



71、ife is lonely to come and go, no one can be doomed to life for whom, no one can take care of who lives, love people, with eternal happiness!



74、here are so many people in the world. Why do I know you? There are so many people, why do I miss you? As long as I think of you, my heart is as sweet as honey!



77、 miss you, I dream, often have you, my heart, only you, a heart, to you, just because, I love you.

78、he first time I said I love you, let me understand that the most beautiful thing in the world, not after the rain, but your face is a smile.




82、he sense of security is that I trust you willingly and wholeheartedly, while you cherish my trust with unreserved loyalty.

83、nowflakes are floating in the blue sky, beautiful shoes are missing feet, your acquaintance with me is a myth, please call back gently!

84、ow endless long nights, do not forget your side I am an indelible flame, ignite every hope in your heart, life for you to dance and jump.

85、ur relationship may be full of challenges, confusion and impulsiveness. I will never forget the dream, simplicity and romance of our love life. Dear, I love you.

86、 know we can't, but I still love you sincerely. Though I really want to forget you hate you, but I really can not do it.


88、ove is fate, like sleeping on a pillow, drought on a rainy day; love is missing, sometimes thinking of insomnia, sometimes laughing in a dream. May your love be sweet!


90、n the surface, looking so bright, in fact, the heart has been broken. Anything that can touch you will hurt you deeply. For example, love.


92、he first time I said I love you, let me understand that the most romantic thing in the world is not to hold hands with you, but to live together with you.

93、 am a star, you are a meteor. You are doomed to go, I am destined to stay together. Can not change, you will never change in my heart. Can only expect, next time, happy shoulder.


95、he moon is like a mirror, hanging high in blue sky. Although you are far away, it will surely catch you. So I always look for you in the middle of the moon.

96、he darkness of the sky does not mean that the sun does not exist. I do not mean that I do not want you. I love you, my beautiful lover.


98、 repeat it every day, I miss it every day, I wonder every day, I don't know how long it will take to hold you in my arms and say: I love you.



101、ant to one day take your hand and play with you to the end, if you grey hair, I may you fall gentle.

102、y love knitted into a net, my true feelings bridged, my commitment into the style: no matter how broad the galaxy, can not prevent our minds from blending!



105、n your lonely and sad days, please read my name quietly. And say: someone is missing me, I am living in a man's heart in the world.


107、ook at the computer keyboard. U and I are placed side by side. This is the way the alphabet is arranged, because as long as you and I, my love will never cease to exist.

108、eaven and earth, I have you, fate and love before husband and wife; Yin and Yang, male and female, I will accompany you throughout my life; the wind is sentimental, cloud intentional, my heart only you.



111、 beg you deeply; do not drive me out of the door of your love, I can not lack your love for a minute or a second. Only by winning your love can my life shine.

112、ou can't expect to give me a forest, a small tree is enough, you can't expect to give me a big river, a drop of water is enough, you can't expect to get all, as long as there is love enough.

113、ou have a strong career ambition. Praising his dedication is the greatest affirmation of a man's value. At the same time, your compliment is the last line of defense for him to build self-confidence.



116、old your hand, day and night, hold your hand, wait for tomorrow, hold your hand, through this life, hold your hand, life.



119、ind is my greeting, rain is my wish; moonlight is my comfort, sunshine is my hope; dear, no matter what kind of weather, my love is with you!

120、lthough it is fate, I hope in the future, I can add a good memory in your memory, through the efforts of this life, to repair the love of the afterlife.



123、 don't want anything, just miss you; I don't love anything, just love you; I can't, just marry you; Marry me, dear, you are my only one!







130、on't linger every day, keep in touch, you know he won't go, he knows you won't change, probably the best love.




134、he quickest way to get love is to give it; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly. The best way to keep love is to give wings to love and let it fly.





139、 love you, but I dare not say, I am afraid I said, I will die soon, I am not afraid of death, I am afraid I will die, no one else like me love you!

140、 shot my love arrow into your heart, and you were my captive. I decided to sentence you to life imprisonment, to keep you in my heart forever, and not to be released on bail.




144、ou are so ordinary that no one will mention you, and people will not pay attention to your existence. But in my heart, you are so charming and moving.




148、pen my eyes, my eyes only you. Close my eyes, I only see you. With my glasses, my four eyes are you.


150、he world's ups and downs, we have experienced, the waste of time, we have experienced, and then the storm, we have experienced. Through the mountains and rivers, our love has been condensed.

151、our love is always touching, just like the sunrise. Your love has shaped my world, like the sound of waves on the shells. I can't help loving you.

152、here seems to be a distance between us, let me fear; between us if vague haze; let me at a loss, I fear that one day, I will be tired, will learn to give up.


154、ove two people, with crazy love, but still can not stop the interference of family members, in order to stay together we elope together!


156、f love can make you happy, then I love you; if not, you can make you happy, then I just like you.

157、ou think I can care nothing. In fact, I am just a girl, and I will secretly cry.

158、f all over again, if the end is still like this, you are still so moving, a fruitless feeling, I will still choose to love you, not regret.




Difficult the first time,easy the second。一回生,二回熟。



















Make yourself a better person and know who you are before you try and know someone else and expect them to know you。在你想了解别人也想让别人了解你之前,先完善并了解自己。